Canuck Quotes: Julie Payette

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“I also remember Toronto as a place where I was able to pursue many of my personal interests, ranging from sports to cultural activities. One of my most marking memories (besides participating in the annual climbing of the CN Tower stairs) was the privilege of singing with the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra throughout my entire stay.”

“A given step, however small it may appear to one, may represent a great deal to another. Every hurdle one surpasses makes one grow. I am just glad I was given the opportunity, resources, and support to surpass the hurdles that came my way.”

“Success is a mixture of skills, competence, luck and hard work: with a bit of effort, I believe the world can be at our feet.”

“You can imagine that when you are ten, twelve years old and you’re growing up in a town in Canada and you’re French Canadian and you’re telling everybody “Hey, I’d like to be an astronaut one day.” Then people pat you on the back, smile a little bit and say “Yeah, sure.” And they hope that you’re going to change your mind and find a more down-to-earth job, which is what I did eventually.”

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