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Growing up in Toronto, Barrie Ontario was the gateway to Muskoka, a fantastic wonderland of never ending lakes, rocks and summer fun. In the winter it was minutes away from some of the best places to ski in Ontario. After moving to Wasaga Beach, Barrie became the marker that we were 30 minutes from home and it was the place I did all our Christmas, clothing and most of our food shopping.

It became even more special to me when my children were both born in Barrie’s Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) although at that time it was the old location. It’s since received the updated building it desperately needed.

Barrie is many things to 125,000+ people living there. In 2008 Money Sense Magazine rated Barrie as a best place to buy real estate based on several criteria including rent, local wages, momentum of home sales, and economic growth.

Less than an hour north of Toronto, many people relocate to Barrie to purchase affordable housing in a location that offers a straight commute into the big city. Barrie is a convenient place to live offering city amenities and endless year round recreation opportunities.

Situated around Kempenfelt Bay on Lake Simcoe, the water offers a downtown focal point with summer beaches and frozen real estate for ice fishing huts when the weather gets cold.

Historically Kempenfelt Bay was a resting spot for Indians portaging between Lake Simcoe and Lake Huron via the Nottawasaga River. During the War of 1812 Britain used the route to move supplies and troops around the Americans located near Detroit.

It eventually became a settlement with businesses built on exporting natural resources and but has experienced the most growth since Highway 400 was built in 1950, allowing tourists and commuters to easily travel to and from Barrie.

Barrie Trivia eh?

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I'm a Canadian who has lived in the United States since 1999. I love the beauty of the Canadian landscape and dream about travelling to EVERY country in the world so I can say, without a doubt, that Canada is the MOST BEAUTIFUL country in the world. Until I can accomplish this feat of huge financial proportions, I'll continue to appease myself by writing about Canada's many, MANY virtues. Google+

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  1. danielle says:

    I am a Canadian citizen, but Ive been studying and living in Australia for 2 years now. Although Australia is a great place to live, I will always consider Canada my home. Nothing beats our beautiful country. I am currently doing an assignemnt for a sociology course to write a essay about the city you grew up in. Well I grew up in Barrie, and doing this assigment and discovering new things about this city Ive lived in all my life is great! I find myself missing this beautiful place more and more!!
    This is a great site to keep connected! And as for the authors feat of travelling to every country in the world to know for sure that Canada is the most beautiful country in the world, Ive got the Australian portion covered haha its great but I’d pick Canada over Australia any day!!!!!!!

  2. Pat Williams says:

    Danielle, I lived in Wasaga Beach for 7 years and, I too, don’t think I spent enough time getting to know Barrie. Have you been there in the past 5 years? Last time I was there the face of Hurontario street retail had really changed! A friend of mine just came back from Australia and loved it there. Thank you so much for stopping by my site and taking the time to share your thoughts. Good luck on your assignment!

  3. Leonard Raygor says:

    I live in Colorado (Iowa born) and was doing research on Barrie, Ontario. Many years ago we rode highway 11 (Kings Highway) on a motorcycle and now I am writing an article about that experience, for a Canadian web site. I want to thank you for writing the information about Barrie. It helps add a little more bulk to my meager paragraph about the town. I must admit, when we rode into Barrie, I was so surprised at the cities size. Our map gave no indication. I agree with you and other posters. Canada is a gorgeous country and the people are so kind. I am glad our countries are neighbors.

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