Be a Guest Writer!

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Canadiana Connection is all about stories. Stories from our lives through history, experiences and places. Canada is the thread that binds all the content together.

Post Ideas:

  • Introduce us to your Canadian hometown
  • Tell us about your Canadian vacation
  • Tell us what it was like growing up in a Canadian town
  • Tell us about your favorite Canadian band/actor/tv show
  • Tell us about a Canadian who impacted your life
  • Educate us about a Canadian historical event, entity or person.
  • Suggest something that you think will represent Canada in an interesting or informative way.

What we need:

  • Your article/post
  • 1-2 pictures to accompany the post
  • Your bio (set up a gravatar account with your picture and provide us with the email used with gravatar. Your image will magically appear with your bio and on other blogs you choose to leave comments on)
  • Contact info, Social Media accounts & web site you want included with your bio.

What you can expect:

  • Confirmation we received your submission
  • Fact checking
  • Basic editing
  • An estimated date your article will be posted

We are also looking to interview Canadian Expats who have a web presence. Please forward guest post content and potential interview candidates to canadians at CanadianaConnection dot com.

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