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Patricia Williams

“No matter where you spread your branches, your roots remain Canadian.”

Tree with world continents and Canadian roots

Kingston Penitentiary Tour

  Kingston Penitentiary (KP) is a maximum-security facility with a powerful exterior, standing tall against the lapping waves of Lake Ontario. Looming over Portsmouth Harbour and the Village of Portsmouth, the residents are quite accustomed to having Canada’s home for her most notorious criminals, housed there. After all, the Maximum-Security Women’s Prison was directly across […]

Butchart Gardens

I’ve loved The Butchart Gardens since I first saw it as a child. It was unlike any gardens I’d seen anywhere and 45 years later I can still say the same. My last visit was the summer of 1987… until this year! The first time I’ve seen Butchart basking in it’s holiday glow, alit with […]

Ladysmith & the Festival of Lights

The town of Ladysmith on Vancouver Island knows how to put on a good show. The historic village is built into the side of a hill above a protected harbour about 90 KM (56 miles) north of Victoria. Originally called Oyster Bay, posted signs at the waterfront warn visitors not to eat the shellfish, likely […]


The idea

of was born in 1999.

Our family had transferred to the USA, and we arrived, starry eyed and excited about our new adventure, but I wanted to make sure my children learned about their country of birth.

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Whether you’ve lived in Canada or just visited, this vast nation connects with our soul.

Perhaps because the expanse of Canada is a representation of what resides within each of us;  culture, kindness, respectability, and strength, all built upon a wild heart.

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