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  • rick-hanson-man-in-motionLike Terry Fox, one of Rick’s inspirations and heroes, Rick was born in British Columbia.
  • Rick’s Man in Motion World Tour took 26 grueling months. It covered over 34 countries, through four continents, and involved over 40,000 km. It raised world-wide awareness for spinal cord research, plus over $26 million dollars.
  • Amanda Reid-Hansen was Rick’s physiotherapist. Together, they have three daughters, and currently live in British Columbia.
  • The song St. Elmo’s Fire was inspired by and written for Rick by another famous Canadian: record producer and song composer David Foster.
  • Rick has won over 19 international wheelchair marathons, and several Paralympic medals, including three Gold.
  • The Rick Hansen Foundation was created by Rick to help find a cure for spinal cord injuries. Later on, he founded the Rick Hansen Institute.
  • Numerous awards have been given to Rick, including the Companion of the Order of Canada, and being inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Like so many people ‘in the news’, Rick is no stranger to controversy. In 2013 columnist David Baines from the Vancouver Sun published an in-depth review of Mr. Hansen’s finances, including the salary Rick drew from his own company.

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