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Tim_Horton_hockey_cardTim Horton is one of the great players that came out of the Maple Leaf’s golden era. While he was associated with the leafs they won 4 Stanley Cups he played 24 seasons in the NHL, 18 of them as Toronto’s defenceman. He was such a strong player, many credit him with inventing the slap shot.

In 1955, his leg was broken after a severe check by a Chicago player. Toronto took him back but at a reduced salary. He was married with four children and the income was important to him. Hockey players in the 50’s were not entitled to the pay structures that modern players receive.

Horton was approached by his friend, Jim Charade to open a string of hamburger stands. When they weren’t successful, their thoughts turned to donuts and coffee and the Tim Hortons empire was born.

Horton ran an ad in the newspaper looking for help with store operations. Ron Joyce answered it and invested $10,000 in the store. He developed the plan of action to expand the store into a chain aiming at 10 as his first goal.

Horton was killed in 1974 when he lost control of his vehicle on the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) near St Catherines. He had just played a game in Toronto and was heading back home to Buffalo, after consuming alcohol and painkillers.

The donut chain Tim Hortons continues to bear his name although none of the wealth belongs to the Horton family. Horton’s wife sold their share for 1 million dollars a year after his death.

Ron Joyce was sole owner until he merged the Tim Hortons company with his Fort Lauderdale neighbour, Dave Thomas of Wendy’s.

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  1. Ron Wilde says:

    All Tim Hortons resturants at one time displayed pictures of Tim Horton, but as I understand his wife had ordered them all taken down after she sold the business with the exception of two resturants, one in Cochrane Ontario and Cobourg Ontario. Cochrane is where Tim Horton was born and the one in Cobourg is operated by Tim’s daughter who by the way married Ron Joyce’s son.

  2. cletch says:

    I didn’t know this – very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nimfa Lengwa says:

    if you love your family do not let your wife especially work in tim hortons specially in alberta mostly staff having an extra marital affair!!!!! The managers and the owner of  Tim Hortons tolerate this….Eventhough they know that extra marital is really happening to their staff they will not do anything to stop it!!! instead superiors will ignore you!!! Expext your family will be broken!!!!

  4. Noreply says:


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