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Based on Lululemon’s revamped (scalable) Vision:

“Mediocrity can be defined in many ways. To paint you a picture, mediocrity is doing an “okay job,” having a relationship that “works,” being just “a little” overweight, or having a job that “pays the bills.””

On Lululemon’s hiring practices:

“So we started hiring runners who like yoga. They’re more on the ball, more type A.”

Concerning Ayn Rand’s “virtue of selfishness”, and the printing on Lululemon’s bags the phrase “Who is John Galt?” there’s this:

“Our bags are visual reminders for ourselves to live a life we love and conquer the epidemic of mediocrity. We all have a John Galt inside of us, cheering us on. How are we going to live lives we love?”

Chip Wilson on his book 40,000 Days And Then You’re Dead:

“I hope that, through reading this book, you’ll see how committing to powering down, ‘getting present’ and powering back up again will help turn dreams into reality.”

On branching out to Australia, one of Lululemon’s three main markets:

“In Australia we just weren’t as well-known as we are in Asia. We had to start completely from ground zero.”

Finally, a quote from Shannon Wilson (Chip’s wife), on Kwantlen Polytechnic University, a joint project they’re funding with the B.C. government:

“Our province is the perfect testing ground for technical apparel —you don’t have to go far to find inspiration…”

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